Thursday, September 22, 2022

montana health care leaders recognized for exceptional service

Billings Infectious Disease Physician Recipient of 2022 Doctor Jack McMahon Service to Montana Physicians Award

The Montana Medical Association (MMA) today announced Tsun Sheng Neil Ku, M.D., an infectious disease physician in Billings, as the recipient of the 2022 Doctor Jack McMahon Service to Montana Physicians Award and awarded two other exceptional professionals for their significant contributions to improving health care in the state of Montana.

Dr. Ku was presented with the award due to his exemplary leadership as an effective voice on infectious diseases and prevention during the COVID-19 pandemic. He served as a resource for Montana physicians providing educational sessions on the evolving medical science related to COVID-19. He also was a vocal advocate for the importance of vaccinations and provided evidence-based information on treatment, serving to protect the health of all Montana citizens during a time of great need. 

Mike Ramirez, former Executive Director of the Montana Professional Assistance Program, received the  2022 Award of Merit for his over 26 years of dedication to advancing the health of the Montana medical community and protecting patients by passionately serving physicians with medical conditions that may have affected their ability to practice safety and supporting their path to recovery. Ramirez was awarded as a token of appreciation by MMA members for what he accomplished as a national leader in the establishment of best practices and guidelines for the provision of confidential assessments, his compassion with referrals to treatment and health monitoring services of health professionals in need, and establishment of a recovery community within the state that mentored and supported these professionals.

Megan A. Evans, M.D., the Health Officer for Beaverhead County, received the Legacy of Leadership Award for her significant contributions as a leader in public health. Through her efforts in building vaccine confidence with timely and accurate COVID-19 information and disease prevention, Dr. Evans made strides in promoting well-being and keeping her community safe during the most demanding of times. As one of the 147 talented leaders that have finished the MMA’s Healthcare Excellence in Leadership Program, Dr. Evans was selected by her fellow graduates for this award due to her leadership and long-lasting and outstanding contributions to Montana’s public health care system.

The three awardees were officially named and awarded during a celebration at the 144th MMA Annual Meeting on September 16, 2022.

An overview of each award is available below:

  • Doctor Jack McMahon Service to Montana Physicians Award – Established in honor of Jack McMahon, M.D., who was known nationally and in Montana for his impactful advocacy efforts, the award recognizes individuals who have made important contributions to the advancement of the physician profession. The nominee must have a history of demonstrating a commitment to the physician profession demonstrated through actions taken to promote the profession, advocate for the continued improvement of the profession, and enhance the professional lives of Montana physicians. 
  • Montana Medical Association Award of Merit – Established in 1975 to honor individuals associated with the Association whose actions have led to the betterment of health care in Montana. The nominee must have a demonstrated commitment and dedication to patient health care and initiated efforts or taken action to improve health care in Montana.
  • MMA Legacy of Leadership Award – Recognizes and celebrates Montana’s exceptional health care leaders who, by inspiring change, have made long-lasting and outstanding contributions to advancing Montana’s health system while providing quality health care. The award, created in honor of Peter S. Sorini, M.D. and A. Craig Eddy, M.D., J.D., is selected by graduates from the Healthcare Excellence in Leadership Program. Nominees must be one of the talented health care leaders who have finished the HELP program and are selected by fellow graduates.

Resolutions submitted by the MMA Executive Committee detailing the full details of each awardee’s accomplishments and service to Montana patients are attached.