about us


The Montana Medical Association is a membership organization comprised of Montana physicians dedicated to improving patient care.  Our mission is to serve our members as an advocate for the medical profession, quality patient care and the health of all Montana citizens.

The Montana Medical Association is a vehicle to represent Montana Physicians on important issues that concern them. You can make a difference by becoming a member of the MMA and voicing your opinion.



The MMA, as an organization, is charged by its members to represent all Montana physicians. The MMA endeavors to understand and promote the interests of physicians in all medical specialties, in all venues. Issues involved in the provision of medical care are common to those physicians who are employed by entities such as clinics or hospitals, as well as those who are in private practice. 



The MMA’s priorities include the:  

  1. Preservation of the physician/patient relationship and patient choice of provider.
  2. Promotion of ethical and professional behavior among physicians. 
  3. Promotion of the health and well-being of the populace of Montana. 
  4. Promotion of evidence-based health care practice and delivery. 
  5. Promotion of a legislative and regulatory environment that will enhance and not limit or impede priorities 1-4 above. 
  6. Collaborative effort with other health care entities and organizations to promote programs that support the priorities of the MMA.

While recognizing that increased economic pressures and complex issues of practice management have driven many physicians into employed relationships, this does not diminish and may even increase the importance of the MMA. The MMA will continue to represent all physicians in their professional needs, including employment-based issues.