Board of trustees





William C. Anderson, M.D.Family Medicine, Forsyth 


Carter E. Beck, M.D., Neurological Surgery, Missoula


Jonathan L. Bingham, M.D., Dermatology, Great Falls


Serena Z. Brewer, D.O., Family Medicine, Butte


Nicole C. Clark, M.D., Neurology, Helena


Jason A. Cohen, M.D., Internal Medicine, Kalispell


Katie E. Dawson, M.D., General Surgery, Anaconda


Michael C. DiCello, M.D., Allergy & Immunology, Bozeman


Michael D. Eisenhauer, M.D., Cardiology, Great Falls


Keith D. Foster, M.D., Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Helena


Jonathan W. Fowlkes, M.D., Otolaryngology, Missoula


William S. Gallea, M.D., Emergency Medicine, Helena


Ernest (Joe) Gray, M.D., Family Medicine, Browning


Donald A. Grewell, D.O., Family Medicine, Billings


Kevin Harada, M.D., Internal Medicine, Havre


Cara J. Harrop, M.D., Family Medicine, Polson


J. Erin Hixson, M.D., Family Medicine, Billings


Christian Kilpatrick, D.O., Family Medicine, Billings


Amy E. Korten, M.D., Obstetrics & Gynecology, Bozeman


Verena Lawrence, Medical Studies, Bozeman


Amy LePage, M.D., Emergency Medicine, Lewistown


Nick C. Luem, M.D., Pathology, Billings


Andrew (Drew) M. Malany, M.D, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Helena


Mel L. Margaris, M.D., Family Medicine, Great Falls


Marc C. Mentel, D.O., Family & Addiction Medicine, Missoula 


Julia Middleton, M.D., Obstetrics & Gynecology, Great Falls


Sarah F. Morgan, M.D, Emergency Medicine, Bozeman


J. Douglas Muir, M.D., Psychiatry, Whitefish


Denny C. Orme, D.O., Anesthesiology, Kalispell


Dana Osborne, M.D., General Surgery, Helena


Mark F. Ozog, M.D., Ophthalmology, Great Falls 


Megan M. Petersen, M.D., Gynecological Oncology, Billings


Edward L. Pierce, M.D., Internal Medicine, Sidney


Richard E. Popwell, M.D., Neurology, Bozeman


James Quirk, M.D., Family Medicine, Missoula


J. Bruce Robertson, M.D., Urology, Bozeman


Carley C. Robertson, M.D., General Practice, Havre/Big Sandy


Anthony J. Russo, M.D., Orthopedic Surgery, Butte


Elaine S. Samuel, M.D., Internal Medicine, Helena


Robert Sise, M.D., Addiction Psychiatry, Bozeman


Taylor L. Simmons, M.D., Family Medicine, Kalispell


Jay D. Taylor, M.D., Family Medicine, Conrad


Michael P. Temporal, M.D., Family Medicine, Billings


Cathy White, M.D., Pediatrics, Butte


Lauren S. Wilson, M.D., Pediatrics, Missoula


Shawna M. Yates, D.O., Family Medicine, Butte








representing seat

Southeastern Medical Society


Montana Society Neuro Surgeons


Montana Academy of Dermatology/Member-At-Large


Silver Bow Medical Society


Delegate to the AMA


Member-At-Large/Flathead Medical Society


Mount Powell Medical Society


Gallatin Valley County Medical Society


MT College of Cardiology


Montana Association of Pediatric Psychiatrists


Montana Society of Otolaryngology


Foundation President/Past Presidents


Secretary/Indian Health Service


Montana Osteopathic Medical Association


Hill County Medical Society


Ninepipe Medical Society/Member-At-Large


Delegate to the AMA-Young Physician Section


Montana Family Medicine Residency Program


Montana College of OBGYN


WWAMI Representative


Fergus County Medical Society


Montana Society of Pathologists


Lewis and Clark Medical Society


Cascade County Medical Society


Western Montana Medical Society


Delegate to the AMA-Young Physician Section


Vice President/Montana College of Emergency Physicians


Montana Psychiatric Association


President/Montana Society of Anesthesiologists


Montana College of Surgeons


Montana Academy of Ophthalmologists


Yellowstone Valley Medical Society


Eastern Montana Medical Society




Coalition of Community Health Centers


Big Sky Urological Association


Immediate Past President


Montana Orthopedic Society


Montana College of Physicians


Northwest Society of Addiction Medicine


Family Medicine Residency Program of Western Montana


North Central Medical Society


Alternate Delegate to the AMA/Montana Academy of Family Physicians




Montana Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics


Treasurer, Member-At-Large on Executive Committee