Fostering Collegiality among Montana's physicians


A geographic medical society or local medical society is an aggregation of members of the Montana Medical Association living in one county or in a geographically compact group of two or more counties, or parts thereof. Local medical societies are seeing increased interest as physicians seek to be more engaged and meet with their colleagues on local issues. The MMA Executive Office provides support to these societies. 



Create the voice of local physicians.

Define how local medicine works. 

Represent the needs of your patients on a local level. 



Gallatin Valley Medical Society

  • County: Gallatin
  • Physician Representative: Michael C. DiCello, M.D.

Northcentral Montana

  • Counties: Glacier, Pondera, Toole
  • Physician Representative:

Southeastern Montana

  • Counties: Carter, Custer, Fallon, Garfield, McCone, Powder River, Prairie, Rosebud, Treasure
  • Physician Representative: William C. Anderson, M.D. 

Fergus County

  • Counties: Fergus, Judith Basin, Petroleum, Wheatland
  • Physician Representative: Annette C. Comes, M.D.

Lewis and Clark County

  • Counties: Lewis and Clark, Meagher, Broadwater, Jefferson
  • Physician Representative:

Silver Bow County

  • Counties: Beaverhead, Madison, Silver Bow
  • Physician Representative: Serena Z. Brewer, D.O.

Western Montana

  • Counties: Missoula, Ravalli
  • Physician Representative: Open

flathead county medical society

  • Counties: Flathead, Lincoln
  • Physician Representative: Jason A. Cohen, M.D.

Hill County

  • Counties: Blaine, Hill, Liberty
  • Physician Representative:

Yellowstone Valley

  • Counties: Big Horn, Carson, Golden Valley, Musselshell, Stillwater, Yellowstone
  • Physician Representative: Megan Marie Clute Peterson, M.D.

Cascade County

  • Counties: Cascade, Choteau, Teton
  • Physician Representative: Melchisedek L. Margaris, M.D.

Park-Sweet Grass

  • Counties: Park, Sweet Grass
  • Physician Representative: Dennis L. Noteboom, M.D.

Mount Powell

  • Counties: Deer Lodge, Granite, Powell
  • Physician Representative:


  • Counties: Lake, Mineral, Sanders
  • Physician Representative: Cara J. Harrop, M.D.

eastern Montana

  • Counties: Dawson, Richland, Wibaux
  • Physician Representative: Edward L. Pierce, M.D.