mma partners with clinical education alliance to offer mate act dea course

June 1, 2023

The Montana Medical Association has partnered with the Clinical Education Alliance to offer a MATE ACT DEA course to assist physicians and other health care professionals meet a new federal requirement to complete substance use disorder training prior to applying for a controlled substance registration or renewing their DEA registration. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) put forth this requirement (HHS. Section 1263), which is effective on June 27, 2023.  

The MMA will be hosting an informational webinar on the new requirement on September 30th. While the MMA may not have been supportive of another requirement landing on physicians, we do want to support physicians and other practitioners to be compliant and sought a partner that would provide a high-quality educational program and allow for a steep ($100) member discount. There is also a discount of $50 for other practitioners and physicians not yet part of the MMA.

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Live online courses

Monthly live online courses will be offered. Here is a link to the live online full-day course registration page: 

Discount codes for Montana Medical Association members and other practitioners: 

Below are discount codes for the courses, of $50 off for non-members and $100 off for members. The regular rates are $299 for the eight-hour online training and $399 for the online course.

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Contact the Montana Medical Association Executive Office at or (406) 444-4000 with any questions, or if you would like to arrange for a group training session.