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01-12-2018: Montana Orthopedic Society at Big Sky:

January 12-14, 2018 Montana Orthopedic Society
Annual Meeting at Big Sky

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01-12-2018: Physician Leadership Effectiveness Program Session 4:

Session 4
Thinking Strategically
January 12-13, 2018 
Fairmont Hot Springs
1500 Fairmont Roa  
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01-24-2018: Montana Academy of Family Physicians Interim Meeting:

January 24-26, 2018 Montana Academy of Family Physicians Interim Meeting in The Lodge at Whitefish Lake in Whitefish

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02-16-2018: Montana Society of Otolaryngology Annual Meeting:

February 16-18, 2018 Annual meeting held in Big Sky, MT


03-10-2018: MMA Interim Board of Trustees Meeting:

Meeting will be held at the Radisson Hotel, 2301 Colonial Dr. Helena, MT 59601


The Montana Medical Association Team

Montana Medical Association Officers

Nicole C. Clark M.D. - MMA president-elect

Nicole C. Clark M.D.
MMA President

Jonathan S. Griffin, M.D. President Elect Jonathan S. Griffin, M.D. 
MMA President-Elect 
Marc Mentel MD MMA Secretary Treasurer Marc C. Mentel, D.O.
MMA Vice-President
Marc C. Mentel, D.O. MMA Secretary Treasurer

Serena Brewer, D.O. MMA Secretary-Treasurer

Montana Medical Association Staff

Jean Branscum, Chief Executive Officer

Tara Preston, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Leah Butkay, Member Services Manager 
Becky Zaharko, Association Services Director
Joe Williams, Financial Director
Dawn Apple, Montana Medical Legal Panel Claims Specialist/Lead Worker
Diane Tompkins, Montana Medical Legal Panel Claims Specialist/Office Manager
Sydney Gambrel, Marketing & Communications Specialist


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