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03-09-2018: 2017-18 Physician Leadership Effectiveness Program Session 6:

Session 6 of the 2017-18 Physician Leadership Effectiveness Program
Effective Transition and Change Management
March 9-10, 2018

Helena, MT 

Radisson Colonial Hotel


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03-10-2018: MMA Interim Board of Trustees Meeting:

Meeting will be held at the Radisson Hotel, 2301 Colonial Dr. Helena, MT 59601




03-21-2018: Simulation In Rural Healthcare:

Simulation In Rural Healthcare

March 21-22, 2018 in Bozeman, MT 

The conference for America's rural health simulation and education specialists

Made possibl  
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MMA Board of Trustees


Delegate to the AMA | Montana Society of Neuro Surgeons  
Carter E. Beck  M.D.

Montana Academy of Dermatology

Jonathan Lee Bingham  M.D.
Montana WWAMI Miranda Bradley
Montana Medical Association  
Jean  Branscum  CEO


Serena Z. Brewer  D.O.

Flathead Medical Society

Brentley A. Buchele  M.D.

President | Alternate Delegate to the AMA

Nicole C. Clark  M.D.
Montana Family Medicine Residency Program  
Medina Culver, D.O.

Member-at-Large | Western Montana Medical Society Pamela V. Cutler, M.D.

Montana Orthopedic Society Society

Jeffrey M. LaPorte  M.D.

AMA-YPS Delegate

Maura  Davenport  M.D.
Gallatin County Medical Society Michael C. DiCello

Silver Bow Medical Society

Nick DiGiovine  M.D.

Montana Society of Pathologists

Angela F. Durden  M.D.

Immediate Past President 

William S. Gallea  M.D.

Montana College of Obstetrics & Gynecology (alternate trustee)

Mark F. Garnaas  M.D.

Montana College of Obstetrics & Gynecology Shaun J. Gillis M.D.
Indian Health Services Employee  Ernest J. Gray M.D.
Past Presidents  
John R. Gregory  M.D.

MMA President-Elect 

Jonathan S. Griffin M.D.

Yellowstone Valley Medical Society

James W. Guyer M.D.

Ninepipe Medical Society

Emily Hall D.O.

Montana Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics

Pepper J. Henyon  M.D.

Montana Radiological Society Sean Kalagher M.D.

Montana College of Physicians

James E. Loeffelholz  M.D.

Family Medicine Residency Program of Western Montana Brian Lopez, M.D.

Cascade County Medical Society

Melchisedek L. Margaris  M.D.

Fergus County Medical Society

Joan M. McMahon  M.D.

Montana College of Surgeons

R. Adron  Medley  M.D.

MMA Vice President 

Marc C. Mentel  D.O.

Member-at-Large | AMA-YPS Delegate | Montana College
of Emergency Physicians

Sarah F. Morgan-Edwards  M.D.

Montana College of Cardiology

Simone Musco  M.D.

Park-Sweet Grass Medical Society

Dennis L. Noteboom  M.D.

Member-at-Large | Montana Society of Anesthesiologists

Denny C. Orme  D.O.

Montana Academy of Ophthalmologists

Mark F. Ozog  M.D.

Eastern Montana Medical Society

Edward L. Pierce  M.D.


Richard E. Popwell Jr.  M.D.

Mount Powell Medical Society

William M. Reiter  M.D.

Hill County Medical Society

Carley C. Robertson  M.D.

Chair, MMA Health Care Plan and Trust | Big Sky
Urological Association

J. Bruce  Robertson  M.D.

Internal Medicine Residency of Billings Clinic


Montana Psychiatric Association

Michael J. Silverglat  M.D.

Lewis & Clark Medical Society

James K. Tarver  M.D.

NorthCentral Medical Society

Jay D. Taylor  M.D.

Montana Academy of Family Physicians

Michael P. Temporal  M.D.

Montana Society of Otolaryngology

Peter G. Von Doersten  M.D.

Member-at-Large | Coalition of Community Health Centers

Shawna M. Yates  D.O.