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02-22-2019: Physician Leadership Effectiveness Program Session 6:

Physician Leadership Effectiveness Program

Session 6—February 22-23, 2019, Helena

FSI Topic: Feb. 22-23 - Strategic Thinking

Friday, February 22 - Montana Club 24 W 6th Ave, Helena, MT 59601

Saturday, F  
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02-22-2019: 2019 MMA Interim Membership and Board of Trustees Meeting:

2019 MMA Interim Membership and Board of Trustees Meeting

February 22-23, 2019 

Delta Hotel by Marriott Helena Colonial
2301 Colonial Dr, Helena, MT 59601


Committee on Legislation

Committee on Legislation, Legal and Legislative Affairs

  Committee Chair may be contacted at

Carter E. Beck, M.D.

Chair Missoula  
  Bradley L. Aylor, M.D. Member Bozeman  
  Stephen D. Behlmer, M.D. Member Helena  
  Michael S. Brown, M.D. Member Billings  
  Nicole L. Clark, M.D. Member Helena  
  Jason A. Cohen Member Kalispell  
  Jack L. Davis, M.D. Member Kalispell  
  Heidi M. Duncan Member Billings  
  Jay S. Erickson, M.D. Member Whitefish  
  Jonathan S. Griffin, M.D. Member Helena  
  Paul F. Grmoljez, M.D. Member Billings  
  Roman Hendrickson, M.D. Member Sheridan  
  Pepper Henyon, M.D. Member Bozeman  
  Greg S. Holzman, M.D. Member Helena  
  Sean D. Kalagher, M.D. Member Butte  
  Brett N. Kronenberger, M.D. Member Butte  
  Kurt T. Kubicka, M.D. Member Helena  
  Clayton H. McCracken, III, M.D. Member Billings  
  Timothy J. McInnis, M.D. Member Bozeman  
  Joan M. McMahon, M.D. Member Lewistown  
  Albert D. Olszewski, M.D. Member Kalispell  
  Richard E. Popwell Jr., M.D. Member Bozeman  
  Thomas H. Roberts, M.D. Member Missoula  
  J. Bruce Robertson, M.D. Member Bozeman  
  Michael A. Schiavone, M.D. Member Browning  
  Robert C. Sherrick, M.D. Member Kalispell  
  Bonnie E. Stephens, M.D. Member Missoula  
  James K. Tarver, M.D. Member Helena  
  Michael P. Temporal, M.D. Member Billings